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“Music in Film”
Songs & Soundtracks

Moving Film Score

Glory & The 54th”

Civil War History

Harlem Boys Choir brings
haunting power to this story
of black Civil War soldiers.

Love Story Music

“Of Bridges & Lovers”


Clint Eastwood uses jazz/
blues classics to help set
tone for this love story.

Soundtrack Music

“The Saddest Song”


Samuel Barber’s “Adagio
for Strings” used powerfully
in several films.

Stirring Film Music

“The Ecstasy of Gold”


Famous “gold fever” song
from Good, Bad & Ugly
film w/ Clint Eastwood.

Saxophone Music

“Harlem Nocturne”


Story includes use of
“Harlem Nocturne” as title
track for TV’s Mike Hammer.

Film Brings New Sound

“Reggae Breaks Out”


The Harder They Come
soundtrack sends
reggae music soaring.

Film Music & Marketing

“Big Chill Marketing”

1980s & 1990s

The Big Chill soundtrack
helped bring original
rock music to TV ads.

Righteous Brothers Music

“Lost That Lovin` Feelin`”

1964 & 1965

Includes Bobby Hatfield’s
“Unchained Melody” used in
Ghost with Demi Moore.

Beach Boys Music

“Love & Mercy”


Brian Wilson bio pic
captures his genius & demons
and his beautiful music.

Film Score Gems

“Philadelphia Morning”


Underrated & poignant
songs by Bill Conti helped
make Rocky “best picture.”

Mystery Film Song

“Sea of Love”


Phil Phillips hit song
plays mystery role in
Al Pacino film.

Death Center Scene

“Soylent Green”


Classical music medley &
old-world scenery help give
Sol a euthanized send off.

Entertainment Assets

“The Sound of Money”


Story covers business
legacy of Rogers and
Hammerstein music.

…30 Years Later

“Love is Strange”


Mickey & Sylvia’s 1950s hit
has 1980s chart run after
Dirty Dancing scene.

Film Soundtrack Hit

“Louis Armstrong”

What A Wonderful World

This 1968 Armstrong song
became a 1988 hit after use in
Good Morning, Vietnam.

Piano Love Theme

 “The Love Story Saga”


Francis Lai’s Oscar-winning
score includes theme song
that became Top 40 hit.

James Bond Music

“You Only Live Twice”


Nancy Sinatra theme song
& Japanese music make
Bond film a winner.

James Bond Music



Shirely Bassey’s “Goldfinger”
theme song became a
Billboard No. 8 hit.

1950s Rock in Film

“Fats Domino”


His music has more
than 100 film & TV
credits, 1950s-2010s.

1950s Rock in Film

“Rock Around The Clock”

Bill Haley: 1951-1981

Blackboard Jungle‘s use
of “Rock Around the Clock”
sent Haley’s music soaring.

Good Song Choice

“The Bourne Profitability”


“Extreme Ways” song by
Moby fits the Bourne mold;
used in film series.

Link Wray Music

“Rumble” Riles Censors


Link Wray’s power guitar
upset some, but his songs
are used in several films.

Rousing Film Music

“Let The River Run”


Carly Simon’s rousing song
for Working Girl
left filmgoers inspired.

Poignant Film Music

“Streets of Philadelphia”


Springsteen & Neil Young
songs in Philadelphia
helped convey AIDs tragedy.

Vietnam War Music

“Paint It Black”


This Rolling Stones song
used in Full Metal Jacket
and TV’s Tour of Duty.

Movie Theme Song

“The Green Berets”


“Ballad of the Green Berets”
was No. 1 hit in 1966 & theme
song for 1968 John Wayne film.

1950s Rock Films

“Moondog Alan Freed”


He coined term “Rock ‘n
Roll” & made series
of rock music films.

Dirty Dancing Music

“Do You Love Me?”


Old Contours’ song has
new life after featured
role in 1988 film.

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