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Sports History, Sports Biography, Sports Business,
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Football Legends

“Bednarik-Gifford Lore”


The All-Pro careers & historic
clash of Chuck Bednarik
and Frank Gifford.

Female Phenom

“1930s Super Girl”

Babe Didrickson

When it came to athletics
there was little that Babe
Didrikson couldn’t do.

Sport, Politics, Culture

“Ali-Frazier History.”

Boxing & Culture

1971’s Ali-Frazier fight
became a surrogate for
larger social issues.

Boxing & Culture

“Ali’s Film History”


With Ken Burns’ new film
on Muhammad Ali, a look
back at 20 others…

Sport, Celebrity, Business

“I Guarantee It”


Joe Namath of the NY Jets
helps transform pro football
— game, image and $$$ value.

Baseball Legends 

“Mantle’s Griffith Shot”

April 1953

Mickey Mantle hits a
monster 562′ home run
in Washington, D.C.

Statues & Icons: Film

“The Rocky Statue”


A 20-year fight in Phila-
delphia over a much-loved
Hollywood pugilist.


Bill Bradley


He rose to the U.S. Senate
& Presidential politics from
his basketball values.

Baseball Legends

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

Baseball & Advertising

“21 of 23 Giants”

…Smoke Camels

Tobacco company uses
entire World Series team in
1933 ad to sell cigarettes.

Football Passing Record

“Dutchman’s Big Day”

September 1951

Norm Van Brocklin,
Los Angeles Rams QB,
sets single-game record.

Basketball & Baseball

“Two-Sport Man”

Pittsburgh’s Dick Groat

An All-American hoop star
at Duke & a 1960 MVP for
the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Annals of Sport

“Baseball, 1929”

Jimmie Foxx

One of baseball’s finest
hitters & best teams in the
year of the Great Crash.

Sports Star Advertising

“Vines for Camels”


Ellsworth Vines, a world-
ranked No. 1 tennis player,
endorses Camel cigarettes.

Baseball History

“The M&M Boys”

Summer of 1961

Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris
in “home run race” seeking
Babe Ruth’s record.

Football Turning Point

“Big Game, New Era”

Colts vs. Giants, 1958

With riveting, televised
“Greatest Game,” pro football
moves to Big-Time biz $$.

Sports Star Advertising

“Vuitton’s Soccer Stars”

June 2010

Soccer legends Pelé, Zidane,
& Maradona do advert
for a luxury bag maker.

Baseball Legends

“The Yogi Chronicles”


The life & times of
Yogi Berra, a NY Yankee
legend — and a lot more.

The Tobacco Celebs

“Gifford for Luckies”


NY Giants football star
Frank Gifford gives his
pitch for Lucky Strikes.

Sports & Marketing

“Wheaties & Sport”


A cereal maker becomes
an advertising icon
using sports celebrities.

Sports & Media

“All Sports, All the Time”


The history of ESPN and
the rise of the “all-sports”
cable television business.

Annals of Sport

“Babe Ruth Days”


The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at Yankee Stadium.

Sport, Icons & Money

$2.8 Million Baseball Card

1909 Honus Wagner

A great baseball player
and the story of a very
valuable baseball card.

Baseball Legends

“Mickey Mantle’s 535th”

19 September 1968

With two good legs, this
Yankee slugger might have 
hit 600 career home runs.

Radio & Sport

“Dempsey vs. Carpentier”

July 1921

Radio broadcast of boxing’s
“Battle of the Century”
ushers in big-time sports.

Annals of Sport

“Slingin’ Sammy”


Sammy Baugh helps
modernize pro football
with the forward pass.

Statues & Icons: Sport

“Ruth at Oriole Park”


Sultan of Swat comes
home to Baltimore’s
Camden Yards.

Entertainment Economy

“Basketball Dollars”


Is “Final Four”
basketball part of
a new economics?

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