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Media Merger History

Newsweek Sold!”


The deal-making & players behind the Washington Post
acquisition of Newsweek.

Sports Media Business

“All Sports, All the Time”


The history of ESPN and
the rise of the “all-sports”
cable television business.

Business & Environment

“Burn On, Big River…”

Cuyahoga River Fires

Oil pollution history
of Cuyahoga River is
part of this story.

Business & Environment


1971-John Prine

Strip mining history in
Muhlenberg County, KY
is part of this story.

Media Powerhouse

“Empire Newhouse”


From Vanity Fair to, Newhouse
is a cultural power.

Media Maverick

“Ted Turner & CNN”

1980s & 1990s

Media pioneer shakes up
news & entertainment biz
using new technology.

TV & Music Business

“American Bandstand”


How television
helped make rock `n roll
a major business.

Multi-Media Business

“The Bourne Profitability”


How Jason Bourne & Co.
became a worldwide
multi-media business play.

Wall Street Critic

“Flash Boy Lewis”


A Michael Lewis book on
high-frequency ‘flash’
trading rattles Wall Street.

Pesticide Exposé

“Power in The Pen”


Chemical firms & pesticide
industry go after author
Rachel Carson.

Digital Business History

“Google & Gaga”


Lady Gaga TV ad for
Google’s Chrome browser
brings huge audience.

Digital Business History

“The iPod Silhouettes”


Apple’s iPod ad campaign
imprints cultural imagery
in media around the world.

PC Business History

“Apple Rising”


Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
build start-up company; help
launch PC revolution.

Wealth & Society

“Celebrity Buffett”


Billionaire Warren Buffett
leverages his wealth &
fame to good ends.

Home Video Market

“Disney’s Movie Vault”


How Walt Disney & Co.
discovered big bucks in the
home video market.

Disney Business History

“Disney Dollars”


Walt & Mickey become
Depression beaters and a
new kind of growth engine.

Money & Musicals

“The Sound of Money”


A Dutch pension fund &
media company buy up
Rodgers & Hammerstein.

The Political Box Office

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The multi-media cottage
industry that followed
the Frost/Nixon interviews.

Media Promotion

“The Jackson Statues”


Nine giant Michael Jackson
statues are used to promote
a pop star & his music.

Media & Marketing

“Dinah Shore & Chevy”


“See-the-U.S.A.” song
helped define a celebrity
& America’s “car culture.”

Media Mergers

“Murdoch’s NY Deals”


How media baron Rupert
Murdoch became a major
player in New York media.

Business & Values

“Wall Street’s Gekko”


A fictional Wall Street
hustler lives on in the
culture, roiling values.


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