Print & Publishing

Print & Publishing

Book, Newspaper & Magazine History; Best Seller History,
Books-to-Film Stories, Magazine Cover Art, Magazine Advertising, etc.


Baseball Book

“The Babe Ruth Story”

Book & Film: 1948

The story behind the
book & film made during
the Babe’s final days.

Politics & Publishing

“Mailer on Kennedy”

Taschen Book: 2014

“Superman” in the 1960
presidential campaign,
by Mailer & Taschen.

Magazine Cover Art

“Rosie The Riveter”


Norman Rockwell’s Saturday
Evening Post cover
becomes iconic symbol.

Magazine Cover Art

“One Good Shot…”

Gisele’s Covers

A Gisele Bündchen cover
photo has repeated use
around the world.

Author Profile

“Flash Boy Lewis”


Story about “Flash Boys”
book also profiles Michael
Lewis’ prolific career.

Author Profile

“Paper Lion”

George Plimpton

NY patrician takes lumps
as football QB; writes
bestseller that becomes film.

Public Affairs & Book TV

“Brian’s Song”


Brian Lamb creates C-SPAN;
opening a new window
on politics & books.

Publishing & Politics

“Power in the Pen”


Book on pesticide dangers
creates public furor;
becomes national bestseller.

Magazine Art & Culture

“Empire Newhouse”


Newhouse-owned magazines
have often used cover
art as social statement.

Magazine Art & Culture

“U.S. Post Office”


Magazine art from the
1950s helps capture the
era’s cultural values.

Blockbuster Book & Film

“The Love Story Saga”


A best-selling book,
Hollywood film & hot young
couple captivate millions.

Magazine Advertising

“Remington’s West”


A John Hancock Co.
“history series” ad page:
Frederic Remington, artist.

Music & Biography

“Be My Baby”


Ronnie Spector’s 1990 book
is part of The Ronettes/
Phil Spector story.

Sports Celebrity

“I Guarantee It”


Joe Namath’s story includes
a book he wrote w/ Dick Schaap
described as “winking at life.”

Publishing & Politics

“Nader’s Raiders”


Ralph Nader’s student “swat
teams” turned out dozens
of hard-hitting paperbacks.

Publishing & Politics

“G.M. & Ralph Nader”


“Unsafe at Any Speed”
led General Motors to
have Ralph Nader tailed.

Music & Biography

“Rocker Supreme”


Tina Turner’s best-selling
1986 book, I, Tina, is part
of her comeback story.

Music & Biography

“Dream Lover”


Bobby Darin’s story includes a
book written by his son on the lives of Bobby & Sandra Dee.

Music, Books & Film

“The Green Berets”


Paperbacks & comic books,
became part of “The Green
Berets'” 1960s popularity.

Celebrity Publishing

“The Yogi Chronicles”


Yogi Berra, Yankee base-
ball star, also became a
publishing phenom.

Newspaper Mogul

“Murdoch’s NY Deals”


Rupert Murdoch, media
baron, acquiring New York
newspapers & magazines.

Politics & Cover Art

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
caricature during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Book, Film, Music

“Steinbeck to Springsteen”


The long journey of
The Grapes of Wrath
& Tom Joad.

Book, Film, Music

“Of Bridges & Lovers”


A best-selling love story,
some howling critics, and a
beautiful Streep-Eastwood film.

Media Mergers

Newsweek Sold!”


The deal-making & players behind the Washington Post
buy out of Newsweek.

Books, Film, Video

“The Bourne Profitability”


How Jason Bourne & Co.
became a worldwide
business empire.

Publishing & Politics

“JFK’s Profiles in Courage”


The history of the book that
helped put Jack Kennedy
in the White House.

TV, Politics, Publishing 

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The David Frost-Richard Nixon
interviews of 1977 spawn a
series of books & more.

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