Politics & Culture

Campaign History, Politics & Art, Civil Rights History,
Music & Politics, Protest History, Politics & TV, etc.

Art, Satire, Politics

“Enemy of the President”


Cartoonist Paul Conrad
draws the ire
of Richard Nixon.

Campaign Music

“I’m A Dole Man”


A 1960s’ soul song
becomes Bob Dole
campaign music.

Music & Republican Wrath

“White Rabbit”

Grace Slick: 1960s

Jefferson Airplane song
drew political fire from

Bush-Koizumi Visit

“They Go To Graceland”

White House outing

Geo. Bush & prime minister
Junichiro Koizumi visit
Elvis home, July 2006.

Publishing & Politics

“The Pentagon Papers”


A ‘freedom-of-the-press’
story that also includes
a Steven Spielberg film.

Politics & Culture

“Street Smarts”

The Rise of Elizabeth Warren

She knows Wall Street’s
secrets and how to
make structural change.

Publishing & Politics

“Nader’s Raiders”


Ralph Nader’s student
“study groups” turned
Washington inside-out.

Politics & Celebrity

“Barack & Bruce”


Bruce Springsteen & other
celebrities helped President Obama win re-election.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s 1960 Campaign”

Primaries & Fall Election

The historic campaign,
with city-by-city itinerary
— and lots of photos.

Politics & Culture

“JFK’s Pacific Swim”

August 1962

A surprise “Presidential
swim” by John F. Kennedy
at Santa Monica,CA.

Politics & Hollywood

“1968 Presidential Race”


Film star John Wayne &
others in Hollywood
turned out for Republicans.

Politics & Music

“I Won’t Back Down”


George W. Bush was among
those ‘backing down’ from
using a Tom Petty tune.

Music, Politics, Big Biz


John Prine-1971

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY

Politics, Celebrity, Music

“Linda & Jerry”


The lives of Jerry Brown
and Linda Ronstadt
during the 1970s.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt.1: 1958-60

Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”
cavort with & campaign for
JFK in his White House bid.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt. 2: 1961-64

Good times JFK Inaugural
is followed by some falling
out and tragic endings.

Publishing & Politics

“Power in the Pen”


Silent Spring creates political firestorm, White House report & Congressional hearings.

Politics & Television

“Brian’s Song”


Brian Lamb’s C-SPAN
opens up Congress; brings
new citizen participation.

Kent State Shootings

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”

May 1970

Kent State shootings
follow Richard Nixon’s
invasion of Cambodia.

Campuses Erupt

“Kent State Reaction”

Seattle: May 1970

Student protests exploded
across America reacting
to Kent State shootings.

Music & Politics

“Barracuda Politics”


Sarah Palin campaign music
at Republican convention
riles rock group, Heart.

Music & Politics

“Reagan & Springsteen”


How Bruce Springsteen’s
music became part of a
Ronald Reagan speech.

Icons & Advertising

“JFK, Pitchman?”


A popular ex-President is
used in print & TV ads to
sell Omega watches.

TV & Politics

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The multi-media cottage
industry that followed
the Frost/Nixon interviews.

Democrats & Culture

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
stories feature FDR
& New Deal programs.

Democrat Campaigns

“1968 Presidential Race”

Celebrity Democrats

Paul Newman & friends
jump into the political
fray of 1968.

Video Clip

“Daisy Girl Ad”


LBJ’s TV ad of 1964
campaign began use of
negative campaign ads.

Daisy Girl Story

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


‘Daisy Girl’ TV ad story,
its controversy, and
Goldwater’s reaction.

Music for Democrats

“I Won’t Back Down”


Tom Petty’s “fighter’s
song” is a favorite
among Democrats


Bill Bradley


He rose to the U.S. Senate
& Presidential politics from
his basketball values.

RFK History

“1968 Presidential Race”


Story includes RFK
bid for nomination &
June 1968 assassination.

RFK History

“RFK in Brooklyn”


Robert F. Kennedy gave
hope to urban poor of

Campaign Ad History

“Endorsing Jimmy Carter”

Mary Tyler Moore: 1980

TV star gives a strong
womens’ pitch for
re-electing Jimmy Carter.

First Lady History

“Jackie & The Twist”


Jackie Kennedy helped
bring the new dance to
White House & nation.

Democrats at Work

“The Kefauver Hearings”


Televised Senate hearings
brought Mafia figures
into American homes.

Musician & Democrat



John Hall, of rock
group Orleans, served
2 terms in Congress.

Commemorating JFK

“JFK’s Texas Statue”

Ft. Worth: 2012

A Texas tribute site
honors a memorable visit
on a fateful day.

Commemorating RFK

“RFK in Brooklyn”


A Robert F. Kennedy
memorial & 1960s history
on Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Books By Democrats

“Profiles in Courage”


The best-selling book that
helped give Jack Kennedy
national notice.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s Early Campaign”


After a brush with 1956
V.P. slot, JFK sets sights
on 1960 presidential run.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s Early Campaign”


As JFK wins big in U.S.
Senate re-election, he also
campaigns nationally.

Road to the White House

“JFK’s Early Campaign”


In the 3rd year of his
“unofficial campaign,”
JFK is front-runner.

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