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“Baseball Stories”

Politics & Baseball

“Jack & Stan”

JFK-Musial: 1960

Politician & ballplayer
form campaign alliance
and a friendship.

Baseball Legends

“The Mazeroski Moment”

1960 World Series

In a dramatic Game 7,
the Pittsburgh Pirates
beat the NY Yankees.

Baseball History

“Gehrig vs. Ruth, 1927”

Home Run Race

Yankee sluggers in battle
for home run title deliver
awesome hitting display.

Participant Journalist

“Paper Lion”

George Plimpton

Author who tried football
QB role also pitched to
pro baseball All-Stars.

Baseball History

“The M&M Boys”

Summer of 1961

Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris
in “home run race” seeking
Babe Ruth’s record.

Baseball & Race

“A Season of Hurt”

Aaron Chasing Ruth

How Henry Aaron rose
above racial bigotry to
become one of baseball’s best.

Baseball Book

“The Babe Ruth Story

Book & Film: 1948

The story behind the
book & film made during
the Babe’s final days.

Baseball Hero

“Mickey Mantle Day”

18 Sept 1965

50,000 fans at Yankee
Stadium honor one
of baseball’s best.

Sport & Civil Rights

“Reese & Robbie”


Baseball statue recalls a
teammate’s support during
racial heckling by fans.

Sports & Marketing

“Wheaties & Sport”


A cereal maker becomes
an advertising icon
using sports celebrities.

Baseball Legends

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

Annals of Sport

“Babe Ruth Days”


The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at Yankee Stadium.

Baseball & Advertising

“21 of 23 Giants”

…Smoke Camels

Tobacco company uses
entire World Series team in
1933 ad to hawk cigarettes.

Baseball Legend

“The Yogi Chronicles”


The life & times of
Yogi Berra, a NY Yankee
legend and a lot more.

Baseball History

“Baseball, 1929”

Jimmie Foxx

One of baseball’s
finest in the year
of the Great Crash.

Baseball Legends 

“Mantle’s Griffith Shot”

April 1953

Mickey Mantle hits a
monster 562′ home run
in Washington, D.C.

Celebrity Advertising

“…Keeps on Ticking”


Mickey Mantle & other
sports celebrities appear
in Timex watch ads.

Icons & Advertising

“Christy Mathewson”

Hancock Ad: 1958

Baseball star of 1900s
appears in “historic
figures” ad campaign.

Statues & Icons: Sport

“Ruth at Oriole Park”


Sultan of Swat comes
home to Baltimore’s
Camden Yards.

Baseball Celebrity 

“Babe Ruth & Tobacco”


Famous Yankee slugger
used to sell cigars, cigarettes,
pipe & chewing tobacco.

Sport, Icons & Money

‘$2.8 Million Baseball Card’

1909 Honus Wagner

A great baseball player
and the story of a very
valuable baseball card.

Baseball Legends

“Mickey Mantle’s 535th”

19 September 1968

With two good legs, this
Yankee slugger might have
hit 600 career home runs.

Baseball Standout

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

Baseball & Basketball

“Two-Sport Man”

Pittsburgh’s Dick Groat

MVP for the Pittsburgh Pirates
was also an All-American
hoop star at Duke.


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