“Civil Rights Stories”

Baseball & Race

“A Season of Hurt”

Aaron Chasing Ruth

How Henry Aaron rose
above racial bigotry to
become one of baseball’s best.

Civil Rights History

“Buses Are A’ Comin’”

Freedom Riders: 1961

In 1961, extraordinary
courage stepped up
to racial bigotry.

TV & Civil Rights

“When Harry Met Petula”

April 1968

Pet Clark & Harry Belafonte
made civil rights history
challenging a Chrysler v. p.

Music & Civil Rights

“Strange Fruit”


Billie Holiday’s haunting
song of protest had tough
road to recording & airplay.

Race & Highways

“Highway Wars”


Includes history on
Interstate Highways &
black communities.

Film, Music, Sculpture

Glory & The 54th”

Civil War History

Story on 1989 film &
its music also covers
black soldier monuments.

Sports & Civil Rights

“Reese & Robbie”


Brooklyn baseball memorial
commemorates a kind
moment amid racial bigotry.

Politics & Music

“I’m A Dole Man”


How a campaign song
also raised some
civil rights history.

Race & Politics

“The Jack Pack”


Rat Pack’s Sammy Davis Jr.
helped JFK campaign,
but was booed at DNC.

Art & Civil Rights

“Rockwell & Race”


Norman Rockwell’s art
probed civil rights issues
at Look magazine & beyond.

Music & Civil Rights

“Motown’s Heat Wave”


Some of Motown’s songs
also took on civil
rights expression.

Music & Civil Rights

“U2’s MLK Songs”


Bono & U2 commemorate
Martin Luther King’s
non-violent perseverence.

Video: Civil Rights Song

Dylan: “Only A Pawn…”


Bob Dylan performs
‘Medgar Evers’ song at
Newport Folk Festival.

Music & Civil Rights

“Only A Pawn in
Their Game”

Story on Bob Dylan
in Mississippi & his
’60s civil rights music.

Annals of Music

“1960s Girl Groups”


African American talent
dominated pop music
sound of the early 1960s.

Politics & Celebrity

“Barack & Bruce”


Jay-Z & Morgan Freeman
also among celebrities
helping re-elect the President.

Political History

“1968 Presidential Race”


Political tumult includes
tragic MLK & RFK killings
of April & June 1968.

Urban Politics

“RFK in Brooklyn”


Robert F. Kennedy gave
hope to urban poor of


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Date Posted: 23 August 2013
Last Update: 21 December 2021
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Jack Doyle, “Civil Rights Topics: 14 Selected Stories,”
PopHistoryDig.com, August 23, 2013.