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Coal & Politics

“Coal & The Kennedys”


JFK, RFK, Ted, Caroline
& RFK, Jr — all gave voice to
plight of coal communities.

Politics & Publishing

“The Pentagon Papers”


A ‘freedom-of-the-press’
story & the beginning of
Richard Nixon’s downfall.

Annals of Music

“Watching The Wheels”


John Lennon sings about
his family life & time away
from the music biz.

Film & Technology

“Talkie Terror”

Late 1920s

Silent film stars & all of Hollywood faced the perils
of a new technology.

Baseball Book

“The Babe Ruth Story

Book & Film: 1948

The story behind the
book & film made during
the Babe’s final days.

1960s Dance

“Jackie & The Twist”

First Lady History

Jackie Kennedy helped
bring the new dance to
White House & nation.

 Music for The Ages

“Let The River Run”


Carly Simon’s rousing song
for film Working Girl
is fan favorite.

Ladies of Rock

“Motown’s Heat Wave”


Martha & The Vandellas’
dance tune captures teens
& boosts Motown.

Annals of Music

“Harlem Nocturne”


Sultry saxophone tune
from the 1930s rises anew
in the 1960s & 1980s.

Annals of Sport

“Pitcher Perfect”


Brooklyn’s Sandy Koufax
becomes baseball standout;
wins three Triple Crowns.

In Memorium

“Candle in the Wind”

1973 & 1997

Elton John honors the
memory of Marilyn Monroe
and Princess Diana.

Film Celebrity

“Anna Q. Nilsson”


The story behind a 1920
Photoplay cover girl
& silent film star.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”


The five guys who
created “Sunshine Pop”
and a lot more.

Annals of Music

“Early Beach Boys”

Pt. 2: Six Songs

Gorgeous harmonies &
imaginative composition
sampled here with history.

Publishing, Politics, Art

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
caricature during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Politics & Celebrity

“1968 Presidential Race”


Paul Newman & friends
jump into the political
fray of 1968.

Football Passing Record

“Dutchman’s Big Day”

September 1951

Norm Van Brocklin,
Los Angeles Rams QB,
sets single-game record.

Football History

“Bednarik-Gifford Lore”


The All-Pro careers & historic
clash of Chuck Bednarik
and Frank Gifford.

Money & Musicals

“The Sound of Money”


A Dutch pension fund &
media company buy up
Rodgers & Hammerstein.

The Political Box Office

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The multi-media cottage
industry that followed
the Frost/Nixon interviews.

Political Icons

“JFK’s Texas Statue”

Ft. Worth: 2012

A Texas tribute site
honors a memorable visit
of a much-loved President.

Art & Civil Rights

“Rockwell & Race”


Norman Rockwell’s art
went well beyond The
Saturday Evening Post

Music Censorship

“Rumble Riles Censors”


Link Wray’s guitar song
prompts some radio
managers to ban its airing.

Music Controversy

“Elvis Riles Florida”


Elvis Presley’s music
& dancing on stage
brings judicial threat.

Feisty Film Goddess 

“Ava Gardner”


North Carolina country
beauty becomes Hollywood
box office gold.

Supermodel Stardom

“The Most Beautiful Girl”


Gisele Bündchen becomes
modeling sensation;
earns $33 million in 2006.

Music & Politics

“Barracuda Politics”


Sarah Palin campaign music
at Republican convention
riles rock group, Heart.

Determined Performer

“Rocker Supreme”


The tough times, amazing
comeback, and true grit
of Tina Turner.

Silent Film Star

“Pearl White”


A daredevil heroine
of the silent screen
becomes a big star.

The First Film Star

“A Star Is Born”


Early film studios create
the first movie star,
Florence Lawrence.

Beach Boys History

“Love & Mercy”

Brian Wilson Film

New film on famous
Beach Boy captures
his genius & his demons.

Rocky Film Music

“Philadelphia Morning”


Underrated & poignant
songs in “Rocky” film
played key role.

Ladies of Rock

“Joplin’s Shooting Star”


Janis Joplin’s last
five years; her music,
life, and legacy.

Music & Advertising

“Selling Janis Joplin”


How Mercedes-Benz
used a Janis Joplin tune to
pitch baby boomers.




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