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“Magazine History”
Selected Stories: 1910s-2010s

Magazine Cover Art

“John Clymer’s America”

Saturday Evening Post

His cover art helped
us “see” America the
Beautiful & much more.

Magazine Cover Stories

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”

May 1970

Life and Newsweek cover
stories are part of the Kent
State shootings history.

Cover Art & Politics

“FDR & Vanity Fair”


Magazine cover art &
caricature during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Magazines & Civil Rights

“Rockwell & Race”


Norman Rockwell’s changing
art & magazine history
of racial depiction.

Magazines & Culture

“Ali-Frazier History”

Boxing & Culture

Magazines fed the hype
around the Ali-Frazier
match of March 1971.

Magazines & Culture

“American Bandstand”


TV Guide’s owner also
owned Bandstand’s TV
station & Seventeen.

Magazine History

Newsweek Sold!”


Newsweek as a Washington
property, subsequent
sale, and its final years.

Sports Magazines

“All Sports All the Time”


ESPN Magazine is
part of the “all-sports”
network story.

Magazine Ads & Art

“Remington’s West”


A John Hancock Co.
“history series” ad page:
Frederic Remington, artist.

Magazine Ads & Art

“Christy Mathewson”

Hancock Ad: 1958

Baseball star of 1900s
appears in “historic
figures” ad campaign.

Cultural Powerhouse

“Empire Newhouse”


From Vanity Fair to The
New Yorker
, Newhouse
is a magazine power.

The TV Magazine

“Lucy & TV Guide”


“I Love Lucy” and
TV Guide helped each
other & TV culture.

Magazine Cover Art

“Rosie The Riveter”


Norman Rockwell’s Saturday
Evening Post cover
becomes iconic symbol.

Magazine Cover Art

“One Good Shot…”

Gisele’s Covers

A Gisele Bündchen cover
photo has repeated use
around the world.

Magazine Mogul, Too

“Murdoch’s NY Deals”


New York Magazine
was a key property in
Murdoch’s NY raid.

Magazine Illustrator

“Falter’s Art, Rising”


John Falter’s art work
for The Sat Eve Post
included 129 covers.

Photoplay & Hollywood

“Pearl White”


A daredevil heroine
of the silent screen
becomes a big star.

Photoplay & Hollywood

“Talkie Terror”

Late 1920s

Silent film stars & all of Hollywood faced the perils
of a new technology.

Magazine Supermodel

“The Most Beautiful Girl”


Gisele Bündchen becomes
modeling sensation &
sought-after cover girl.

Magazine Art & Culture

“U.S. Post Office”


Magazine art from the
1950s helps frame today’s
“postal values” fight.

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