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“Athletes Advertising”
Selected Stories: 1900s-2010s

Superstars of Soccer

“Vuitton’s Soccer Stars”

June 2010

Soccer legends Pelé, Zidane,
& Maradona do advert
for a luxury bag maker.

Famous Athlete

“Celebrity Gifford”


Pro football star becomes
well-known celebrity
and frequent pitchman.

All-Around Athlete

“1930s Super Girl”

Babe Didrikson

Famous female athlete
was also sought out for
product endorsements.

Tennis Champion

“Vines for Camels”


Ellsworth Vines, a world-
ranked No. 1 tennis player,
endorses Camel cigarettes.

Mickey Mantle Ad

“…Keeps on Ticking”


New York Yankee star
Mickey Mantle appears
in Timex watch ad.

Historic Sports Star

“Christy Mathewson”

Hancock Ad: 1958

Baseball hero used by
John Hancock Co. in
life insurance ad.

Female Flying Star

“The Flying Flapper”


Daredevil aviatrix, Elinor
Smith, set flying records;
sought for her celebrity.

Baseball Celebrity 

“Babe Ruth & Tobacco”


Famous Yankee slugger
used to sell cigars, cigarettes,
pipe & chewing tobacco.

World Series Champs

“21 of 23 Giants”

…Smoke Camels

Tobacco company uses
entire World Series team in
1933 ad to hawk cigarettes.

Yogi Berra Ad

“The Yogi Chronicles”


Yogi Berra of NY Yankees
also became famous in
commercial advertising.

Tobacco Sports Card

“$2.8 MM Baseball Card”

1909 Honus Wagner

Card’s value rose, in part,
from Wagner’s worry
about kids smoking.

Famous Football Star

“Slingin` Sammy”


Washington Redskins QB
also lent name & image
for product adverts.

Lucky Strike Ad

“Gifford for Luckies”


NY Giants football star
Frank Gifford gives his
pitch for Lucky Strikes.

Sports & Marketing

“Wheaties & Sport”


A cereal maker becomes
an advertising icon
using sports celebrities.

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