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“Sinatra Stories”

Teen Idol Years

“The Sinatra Riots”


Bobbysoxer hysteria
provides career boost
for teen sensation.

Annals of Music

“Summer Wind”


Profile of a classic
Sinatra song & a Gay
Talese Esquire piece.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt.1: 1958-60

Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”
cavort with & campaign for
JFK in his White House bid.

Politics & Celebrity

“The Jack Pack”

Pt. 2: 1961-64

Good times JFK Inaugural
is followed by some falling
out and tragic endings.

Frank & Mia

“Mia’s Metamorphoses”


Mia Farrow’s story
includes a marriage
to Frank Sinatra.

Sport & Celebrity

“Ali, Frazier, Sinatra…”

Boxing & Culture

“Photographer Frank”
hovers at ringside for
1971 Ali-Frazier bout.

Frank & Ava

“Ava Gardner”


Feisty Hollywood beauty
became the love
of Frank’s life.

Hard Knocks Music

“Sinatra: Cycles”


The ‘Chairman’ brings his
wee-hours style to
a “that’s life” song.


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Date Posted: 2 December 2015
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