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“Coal History”
Selected Stories: 1950s-2010s

Sexy Coal Hype

“G.E.’s Hot Coal Ad”


General Electric’s ‘hot’
TV ad casts coal mining
in an unreal light.

Strip Mining Politics

“Ford Helps Strippers”

…With 2 Vetoes, 1974-75

President Gerald Ford vetoes
strip mine bills; Congress
& activists fight back.

Towns Wiped Out

“Buffalo Creek Disaster”

Coal Dams Fail: 1972

125 dead, 4,000 homeless
after coal-waste tsunami
crashes through valley.

Coal & Politics

“Coal & The Kennedys”


JFK, RFK, Ted, Caroline
& RFK, Jr — all gave voice to
plight of coal communities.

Strip Mining History

“Giant Shovel on I-70″

Ohio Fight: 1973

Shovel’s highway crossing
spurs activist organizing
& Congressional action.

Kentucky Activist

“Mountain Warrior”


Harry Caudill, author,
lawyer and legislator,
fought for Appalachia.

Annals of Music

“Sixteen Tons”


Tennessee Ernie Ford’s hit
song invokes hard lives
of coal miners.

Video / TV Ad

“G.E.’s Sexy Miners”

2005 Coal Ad

General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look
that’s not exactly real.

Big Coal vs. Small Town


1971-John Prine

A country song about
strip mining, coal power,
& demise of Paradise, KY.

Strip Mining Foe

“Harry Caudill”


Best-selling “Night Comes
To The Cumberlands” brought
focus on Appalachia.

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