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“Beatles History”

Music & Pop Culture

“Beatles in America”


New rock ‘n roll group
brings “pop explosion” in
music, business, culture.

Annals of Music

“Dear Prudence”


The history of a beautiful
Beatles’ song and a
productive retreat in India.

Beatles’ Song History

“Love Me Do”


Story of the song that
became the Beatles’ first
hit in the U.K. (#17).

Beatles’ First No.1

“Please Please Me”


The song with a unique
“Beatles’ sound” marked
beginning of their fame.

Beatles Under Siege

“Burn The Beatles”

Bigger Than Jesus?

Lennon’s 1966 remarks
spawn U.S. protests;
threaten concert tour.

Of Places & Friends

“In My Life”


Lennon & the Beatles
plumb the memory banks to
craft an all-time favorite.

Music History & Pop Rumor

“Paul-is-Dead Saga”


Rumor that Paul McCartney
died in auto crash touches
off media frenzy for “clues.”

Beatlemania & Music Biz

“Beatles’ D.C. Gig”

Feb-March 1964

The Beatles’ first-ever,
live U.S. concert was held
in Washington, D.C.

Psychedelic Beatles

“Tomorrow Never Knows”


Psychedelic influences
pervade Beatles song
on Revolver album.

Music & Sculpture

“Eleanor Rigby”


Beatles music departs
from pop; ventures into
loneliness & old age.

Solo Beatles

“Watching The Wheels”


John Lennon sings about
his family life & time away
from the music biz.

Music, Money, History

“Michael & McCartney”


Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney & The Beatles’
1960s song catalog.

Music & Marketing

“Nike & The Beatles”


Nike finds ideal song
to promote athletic shoes,
but Beatles file a lawsuit.

Solo Beatles

“McCartney: Amazed”

The Paul & Linda Story

Paul & Linda history; Beatles
break-up; Paul’s song; Linda’s
photos; Wings & more.


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