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“Pop Music, 1950s”
Artists, Songs, Bios

Sultry Saxophone

“Harlem Nocturne”


The Viscounts’ 1959
sax-powered instrumental
gave old tune new life.

No.1 R&B Hit

“Love is Strange”


Mickey & Sylvia’s hit song
has 1987 pop encore
in “Dirty Dancing” film.

1950s R&B Rocker

“Fats Domino”


“Boogie-woogie” pianist
helps invent rock `n roll;
becomes nat’l sensation.

Rock `n Roll Rising

“Rock Around The Clock”

Bill Haley: 1951-1981

Bill Haley & Comets
become major force in
1950s rock `n roll.

Late ’50s Beginnings

“1960s Girl Groups”


The innocent & upbeat
“girl group” sound began
in the late `50s.

1950s Doo-Wop

“Dion DiMucci”


Dion & Belmonts score
hits w/ “Wonder Why” and
“Teenager in Love.”

1950s TV Dance Show

“American Bandstand”


Dick Clark’s “American
Bandstand” brought 1950’s
music to millions via TV.

Danny & The Juniors

“At The Hop”


“At The Hop” got a
boost from Bandstand;
hit No.1, sold 2 million.

1950s Radio DJ

“Moondog Alan Freed”


He coined the term
“Rock ‘n Roll” & gave
exposure to R&B artists.

Finding His Audience

“Elvis on the Road”


Elvis Presley’s concert
tour, w/town-by-town
itinerary, southeast U.S.

Versatile Entertainer

“Dream Lover”

1962 & 1988

Bio of Bobby Darin,
who had six Top 40
pop hits in 1958-59.

Coal Mining Song

“Sixteen Tons”


Tennessee Ernie Ford’s
“sold-my-soul” song
tops the charts.

1958 Hit Song

“To Know, Know Him”


Phil Spector, before
the Wall of Sound,
as Teddy Bears singer.

Seattle Soft Rock

“Come Softly To Me”


In 1959, The Fleetwoods
scored big with two
No. 1 “soft pop” hits.


“Drew Pearson on Elvis”

1956: Video

National newsman
reviews the rise of
Elvis Presley.

Music Controversy

“Elvis Riles Florida”


Elvis Presley’s music
& dancing on stage
brings judicial threat.

1950s Love Song

“Sea of Love”


Phil Phillips wrote
this No.1 R&B hit
to woe his girlfriend.

1957’s Top Songs

“Bandstand Performers”


American Bandstand
brought dozens of top
acts to national TV.

1950s Power Guitar

“Rumble Riles Censors”


Link Wray’s guitar song
prompts some radio
managers to ban its airing.

Enchanting Sound

“I Only Have Eyes
For You”

A 1959 remake of
an old standard has
resonance for the ages.

“See The U.S.A.”

“Dinah’s Chevy Tune”


Her 1950s PR anthem
for General Motors was
like a pop hit.

Popular Musicals

“The Sound of Money”


Story covers music of
Rodgers & Hammerstein which
permeated 1950s & beyond.


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