“Dylan: Only A Pawn…”
1963 Video


Note:   Bob Dylan performing his song, “Only A Pawn in Their Game” at the
Newport Folk Festival in June 1963.  Dylan gives a forceful presentation of the 
powers behind the Medgar Evans slaying. Dylan also performed “Only A Pawn”
at the “March on Washington” in August 1963.  At that historic civil rights
gathering, Dylan, accompanied only by his guitar, performed the song from
the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  The huge rally of civil rights marchers
that day would later hear Dr. Martin Luther King give his famous “I Have A
Dream Speech,”  also from the Lincoln Memorial.  On the web, there has been
a grainy B&W video of Dylan performing at this rally.  That film also pans
the crowd and includes actor Ossie Davis introducing Dylan, with Joan Baez
appearing behind Dylan as he performed.  In a duet that same day with Baez,
Dylan also sang “When The Ship Comes In.”  Another short video on the web
shows Dylan singing a portion of “Only A Pawn” in Greenwood, Mississippi in
July 1963.  See also “Bob Dylan’s Top Ten Protest Songs,” at The Nation.com.


Dylan’s Civil Rights Music
See related story on the genesis of “Only a Pawn in Their Game,”
Dylan’s first appearance singing this song in Mississippi, the song’s
lyrics, and some of Dylan’s other civil rights & protest music at:
“Only A Pawn In Their Game”  See also as this website, “Dylan’s Hard Rain“.

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