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Note:  This is the film trailer for 1983’s The Big Chill.  It was updated in 1998,
the film’s 15th anniversary year, as part promo for the release of the remas-
tered DVD edition.  The trailer offers a good, quick overview of the story
and its characters, plus a sampling of the excellent 1960s music used throug-
hout the film.

Story:  The Big Chill is a film about eight former 1960s’ college friends who
gather for an unscheduled reunion following a friend’s untimely suicide.  It’s
an introspective film featuring a weekend of soul searching by the group of
former college friends.  The actual and metaphorical “big chill” in the film is
the death of their friend and their own “ten-years-later” reality check on what
each of them have or have not become since their college days.  The cast in-
cludes: Glenn Close, William Hurt, Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Kline,
Meg Tilly, Mary Kay Place, and JoBeth Williams.  For many baby boomers
who first saw it in 1983, it was the film’s soundtrack – an evocative collection
of original 1960s rock ‘n roll tunes – that was especially memorable and endur-
ing, becoming a best seller.  And that fact was not lost on Madison Avenue.


“Big Chill Marketing”

See related story at this website on how The Big Chill became something of a
landmark in the history of advertising, especially how the movie’s soundtrack
helped to spur the use of original, pre-existing rock songs in advertising – then
a relatively rare practice.  The story also covers the making of the film, lists
the songs used throughout the film, and explores some of the history of music
use in advertising and marketing – from Coca-Cola’s use of pop music, to music
fans’ dismay over hearing their favorite songs used by product pitchmen.

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