“Sammy Baugh Video”


Note: This 5:11 minute video shows film clips and stills of Washington
Redskins quarterback, Sammy Baugh in action.  Baugh played in the
1937-1952 period and is credited with helping establish the forward
pass as a major part of the modern game.  The video also covers a bit
of Baugh’s celebrity as a football star and in a brief acting stint in a
Western film serial.  The clip is also interspersed with interview com-
ments from Baugh in later life reflecting on his career and the changing
nature of the game.


Short Story
See related story at this website on the history of Sammy Baugh as he
made his way from a starring career at Texas Christian University (TCU)
to become one of pro football’s all-time great quarterbacks.  Story at,
“Slingin’ Sammy, 1937-1952.”


Video Source
The original source for this video is found at YouTube.

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Date Posted: 23 December 2008
Last Update: 7 February 2019
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