Nike’s “Revolution” Ad

Note: This short video of the Nike “Revolution” ad of 1987-1988
— featuring the Beatles’ 1968 song by that name — was purposely
crafted by its producers to have the look of a grainy black-and-white
home movie.  The ad was shot with a Super 8 camera, and its collage
of sports shots fit well with the hard-driving music.  Its producers
said they wanted the look of a “a kind of radical sports documentary,”
and in 1987-88, it likely had that effect.  It shows a few quick clips
of pros in action — including John McEnroe and Michael Jordan —
and also lots of amateurs doing their own sports things; from joggers
and tennis players to toddlers, rope skippers, and air guitarists. 
Madison Avenue folk at the time thought it a coup for Nike to have
had the Beatles’ original music — called “very, very powerful” by one.


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See related story at this website on the above Nike ad, the controversy
it generated, and the litigation brought in 1987 by the surviving Beatles
at, “Nike & The Beatles, 1987-1989.”


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Date Posted:  12 November 2008
Last Update:  28 November 2018
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