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Video / TV Ad

“Levi’s Be My Baby”


A Levi’s jeans ad uses a
1960s’ tune to tell a
“good Samaritan” story.

Two TV Ads

“Dennis Hopper Ads”


Actor Dennis Hopper
pitches Baby Boomers:
“Dreams Don’t Retire.”

Video / TV Character

“Max Headroom”


This story of fun-loving
computer-generated being
includes sample video.

Video / TV Ads

“The iPod Silhouettes”


This story on Apple’s
iPod ad campaign includes
7 video ad samples.

Video / TV Ad

“Google & Gaga”


Google & Lady Gaga make
energetic & effective TV ad
for Chrome web browser.

Trailer & Film Music

“Streets of Philadelphia”


Includes film trailer plus
poignant songs by Bruce
Springsteen & Neil Young.

Video / TV Ad

“Nike’s ‘Revolution’ Ad”


Nike TV advertisement
uses classic Beatles song
to sell athletic shoes.

Video / TV Ad

“JFK Pitchman?”


Omega watch ads use
popular ex-President in his
‘go-to-the-moon’ speech.

Video / Film Clip

“Dirty Dancing”


Film clip shows hot new
way of dancing with 1962
song, ‘Do You Love Me?’

Music Video

“Bette Davis Eyes”

1981 Song

YouTuber creates collage
of famous film star
with Kim Carnes song.

Video / TV Ad

“See The U.S. A.”


Dinah Shore sings the
T.V. jingle that made her
& Chevrolet famous.

Video / TV Ad

“Janis & Mercedes-Benz”


European TV ad for
Mercedes-Benz uses a
Janis Joplin tune.

Video / Film Trailer

“Wall Sreet’s Gekko”


This story about greedy
Gordon Gekko includes
film trailer in its intro.

Video / Film Trailer

“Big Chill Marketing”

1980s & 1990s

How 1983’s The Big Chill
sparked the use of rock
music in TV ads.

Video / Newsreel

“Sammy Baugh”


Sammy Baugh helps
modernize pro football
with the forward pass.

Video / Film Trailer

“Shine A Light”


Movie trailer for Martin
Scorsese’s film on the
Rolling Stones in concert.

Video / TV Ad

“G.E.’s Sexy Miners”

2005 Coal Ad

General Electric’s ‘hot’ TV
ad gives coal mining a look
that’s not exactly real.

Video / Political Ad

“LBJ’s Atomic Ad”


“Daisy Girl” TV ad of
1964 began practice of
negative campaign ads.

Video / TV Ad

“…Keeps on Ticking”


Story about Timex watch
‘torture tests’ w/ celebrities
includes video w/ ice skater.

Video / TV Ad

“Pepsi’s Madonna Ad”


A Madonna television ad
stirs controversy when
it’s linked to music video.

Video / TV Ad

“Start Me Up”


Bill Gates pays millions
for Rolling Stones song to
sell computer software.

Video / Newsreel

“Babe Ruth Honored”


The Bambino being
honored & remembered
at old Yankee Stadium.



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