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“Shine a Light”


Note: This is the official trailer for Martin Scorsese’s documentary
film on the Rolling Stones, Shine a Light.  The full two-hour film
features Rolling Stones performances that took place during their “A
Bigger Bang Tour” of 2006.  The full film also includes other Rolling
Stones archival footage, earlier news footage, and some VIP appearances
both on stage and in the audience, ranging from former President Bill
Clinton to co-performer Christina Aguilera.  The film takes its title from
the song of the same name featured on the band’s 1972 album Exile on
Main St. 
Both the film and a soundtrack album were released in 2008.


Short Story
See related story at this website on the history of the Rolling Stones’
touring success from 1989 through the present day at, “Stones Gather
Dollars, 1989-2008.”


Video Source
The original source for this video is found at YouTube.

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Date Posted:  3 December 2008
Last Update:  10 August 2011
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