“See The U.S.A. …”

Note:  This 1:33 minute video shows Dinah Shore singing the famous
“See-The-U.S.A.- in-Your-Chevrolet”  jingle.  In the piece, she sings the
entire song, adding her famous goodbye kiss at the finish.  This ad
appears to be from the early 1950s — likely the fall of 1952, as the
Chevy models featured are for the 1953 model year.  On YouTube
and elsewhere, there are several other Dinah Shore videos that she
made on behalf of Chevrolet.


Short Story
See related story at this website on the history of Dinah Shore and her
1950s & 1960s involvement with General Motors and Chevrolet, and
how she helped make Chevrolet a household word and America’s best-
selling car.  See story at, “Dinah Shore & Chevrolet, 1951-1963.”


Video Source
The original source for this video is found at YouTube.

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Date Posted: 23 March 2009
Last Update: 12 June 2023
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