“…Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz”
European TV Ad: 1990s


Note: This is a one-minute video of a Mercedes-Benz TV
advertisement that uses the Janis Joplin song, “Mercedes Benz”.
It appears to be a European ad.  In the video, various individuals
begin singing the lines from the 1971 Janis Joplin song, passing
one to another and through a succession of scenes, each with a
Mercedes vehicle of one kind or another, as the song reaches
a chorus of singers near its end. The ad appears to have been made
in the late 1990s, a few years after the original version of the “Janis
ad” was first run by Mercedes in 1995; the version which used the  
the song as performed by Joplin.  In the version above, Joplin is
heard only at the very end, saying “That’s it,” with her ending
laughter.  Other versions of the ad — with Joplin singing — can
be found online.


Related Story
See related story on Janis Joplin at this website covering her early
career in the 1960s, her death in 1970, and how the orginal version
of this song came to be used by Mercedes-Benz in their 1995 adver-
tising campaign –and some of the protest it generated –at
“Selling Janis Joplin, 1995.”


Video Source
The original source for this video is found at YouTube.

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Date Posted:  5 November 2008
Last Update:  7 March 2019
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