Video – Barbra Streisand: “Happy Days”


Streisand: “Happy Days”



Note:  This clip shows Barbra Streisand singing “Happy Days are
Here Again,” the final song on the April 28, 1965 CBS TV special, 
My Name is Barbra.  The clip includes the final credits rolling by,
but it still offers a clear and crisp performance of Streisand at 
her best in early career.  The show marked her arrival at the top
of her profession in a career which had begun only a few short 
years earlier in 1961. The TV special was her first, a one-woman
musical special without any guest stars in which she sang a reper-
toire of her songs.  Some people at CBS feared the program would
be a disaster.  But when it aired, the critics loved it.  The show earned
high audience ratings and later, Emmy Awards for Streisand & show. 


Short Story
See related story at this website on Barbra Streisand’s early carreer
at “Streisand Rising, 1961-1965,” which also includes some of her
early Broadway career.


Video Source
The original source for this video is found at You Tube.

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Date Posted: 10 October 2008
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