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“Republican History”

Politics & Hollywood

“1968 Presidential Race”


Film star John Wayne &
others in Hollywood
turned out for Republicans.

Politics & Music

“I Won’t Back Down”


George W. Bush was among
those ‘backing down’ from
using a Tom Petty tune.

Art, Satire, Politics

“Enemy of the President”


Cartoonist Paul Conrad
draws the ire
of Richard Nixon.

Campaign Music

“I’m A Dole Man”


A 1960s’ soul song
becomes Bob Dole
campaign music.

Music & Republican Wrath

“White Rabbit”

Grace Slick: 1960s

Jefferson Airplane song
drew political fire from

Bush-Koizumi Visit

“They Go To Graceland”

White House outing

Geo. Bush & prime minister
Junichiro Koizumi visit
Elvis home, July 2006.

McCain/Palin Ticket

“Barracuda Politics”


Sarah Palin campaign music
at Republican convention
riles rock group, Heart.

Celebrity & Politics

“Reagan & Springsteen”


How Bruce Springsteen’s
music became part of a
Ronald Reagan speech.

Republican Crisis

“Nixon’s Checkers Speech”

September 1952

Endangered VP candidate,
Richard Nixon, discovers
the “magic” of television.

Post Watergate

“The Frost-Nixon Biz”


The multi-media cottage
industry that followed
the Frost/Nixon interviews.

Politics & Protest

“Four Dead in O-hi-o”


Kent State tragedy
comes with Nixon’s
Cambodia incursion.

Shifting Loyalties

“The Jack Pack”

Pt. 2: 1961-1990s

After years as Democrat
Frank Sinatra backed
Reagan for President.

Ray Charles Story

“Ray Sings America”


Ray Charles & “America
the Beautiful” history and
Ronald Reagan support.

Ray Charles Video

“Ray At 1984 RNC”

Singing ‘America’

Bringing down the house
at 1984 Republican National
Convention w/ “America.”

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