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“Levi’s – Be My Baby”
1989 TV Ad

Note: In 1989, Levi’s, the jeans company, used the Ronettes’ classic 1963
song “Be My Baby” as background music for a TV ad. 

Ad story:  A good Samaritan in the middle of nowhere, pulls his pick-up
truck over to the side of the road to help a distressed driver tow his over-
heated car to town for a repair. The flustered driver and his lady friend are
well-dressed, presumably heading out for dinner or a show.

The subplot in this tale, however, is the instant chemistry and eye contact
going on between the Good Samaritan and the distressed driver’s lady com-
panion.  A towing fix is made by the Good Samaritan who sheds his 501 Levi
jeans to make a jerry-rigged towing line with the distressed car.  The lady,
meanwhile, is beckoned by the Good Samaritan to ride along with him in the
front seat of his truck on the ride to town.

The jerry-rigged, Levi’s towing line, however, “unfortunately” gives out on
the way to town, setting the distressed car and its driver adrift, as the Good
Samaritan and his new lady friend ride off into the sunset….The ad’s fade-
out tagline: “Levis 501: Separates the Men From The Boys.”  Cleverly done.


Ronettes & Be My Baby
See related story at this website on the history of the Ronettes, a 1960s
“girl group,” and their song, “Be My Baby.” Story also covers details about
the success and production of their music, biographical profiles, some of
their performance and personal history, and more — including background
on their producer, Phil Spector, who also married lead Ronettes’ singer,
Ronnie Bennett, in what became a rocky marriage and later, a legal battle.

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Date Posted: 1 November 2010
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